October 03, 2013

Framed project and a winner!

Hi folks! Things are crazy down here... remember my complete morning sickness package? Though days... no sewing, a little cleaning, a little eating and a lot of mess! It has been difficult sewing these days. I selected the fabrics for Framed project, but put it aside and couldn't come back yet.

That's why I thought it should be better open the last link for the next project called "Fresh" on Monday, October 7th. I'll be out of town again and at this time there's no way to bring my sewing machine with me. 
I hope you all understand me... I really hope.

Let's find who is the winner for Framed project! Craftsy randomly chose a winner and the lucky quilter that won a Craftsy class is... Jennifer Altman! Now take a look at her wonderful quilt!

I loved the fabrics Jennifer used on this quilt! Also take a look at the Logan's Halloween theme quilt from  Chocolate Dipped Quilts. Stunning and professional quilting!!! I'm impressed!

Look at those spider's web! Visit Logan and Lauren's blog and get to see all the details on this quilt! No kidding, perfect!

Thank you all for participating! Also loved checking your hard and creative work Gooba Designs, Wendy, Jen and Hildy!