July 19, 2012

Hat + Cardigan

Hi there! I am just very confused whether I should blog in English or Portuguese! Listen me up: I just posted my recent work in Ravelry (writing in English) and now I am here... I am not saying I am a expert now, oh no, I am trying hardly. Not that hard, but hard :-)

Things are very confused here, aren't it?
I wanna change my blog as I said in the earlier post. I need a designer to do that... so, if you know a talented designer that love creating cute layouts, tell me please.

In the last weeks I am so focused on Knitting. I have a feeling that it will last a bit.

I knitted a cardigan (or a vest? I change the sleeves and number of buttons) and a hat to a little baby boy. While my friend is recovering from the baby birth (he came out earlier than expected) I decided to make nice gifts.

Both patterns are from Ravelry. The both are also free! Have you ever given a try to Ravelry? Oh, I am so in love with it!

July 07, 2012

A baby cardigan

Check this pattern out at Ravelry! So simple and gracious. 
Pattern by: Natalie Hagan, Ravelry